“ We must operate with focus, direction and discipline in order to purchase properties at appropriate prices, manage them with exceptional efficiency and constantly make
market-based value enhancement decisions to ensure profitability.”
Thomas P. Wicky

iConsulting - “ Dominican Republic “

We assist individuals und corporations who desire to invest and conduct business
in the
Dominican Republic, Florida and Switzerland.
We have the resources to deliver the experience, techniques and technology
for your international expansion.

Information about the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is great for vacations, retirement, to live,
business and investments.
Guest have been traveling great distances to discover it’s swaying palms,
tropical climate and crystal waters.
It is quickly becoming one of the most respected and enjoyable destinations.
Great beaches, good infra structure, personal safety and above all
friendly people make a stay here a sublime Caribbean experience!
The Dominican Republic is visited by more then 6 million tourists annually.
The government plans to double this figure over the next five years
and is opening its border to foreign investments by liberalizing trade,
establishing tax breaks and other incentives. What this means:
The Dominican Republic is now for Business and Investments too.

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iConsulting - “ Northcoast “

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iConsulting - “ Santo-Domingo “

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Dominican Project & Marketing Management

Dominican & International Real Estate Development and Investments

Dominican Immigration, Relocation & Start Up Coaching

Dominican Office -, Warehouse -, Production Plant – Sharing

Dominican & International Networking Events: “bringing people together”


iConsulting-International with offices in the Dominican Republic, in Florida 
and in Switzerland has the resources to deliver the experience, techniques 
and technology for your international expansion.
We organize Networking &
“Salon” Events, bringing business people together. 
From a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds, our diverse resources
enable us  to bring great value to every project. 
We are working together with highly skilled professionals
and specialized companies. We have reliable connections to clients, investors
and agents from the USA, Europe  and the Dominican Republic. 
We know the best local and international lawyers, architects, contractors
and developers and the important governmental agencies

Thank you for your interest.

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Please contact us when you want more information.