great new & unique project in the Dominican Republic

Puerto-Colon, historic Isabela in the Dominican Republic 

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The reasons for developing this project:

There is a huge lack of dock and slips throughout the entire Caribbean.
Hundred thousands of travelers sail between the east coast oft he USA and Puerto Rico.
What is missing is a hospitable functional Puerto-Colon with full service maintenance ,
gas and diesel stations, supermarkets, hotel, Villas and Apartment rentals and a health center clinic.
Puerto-Colon in historical La Isabela in the Dominican Republic
will be the safest hurricane hole in the entire Caribbean.

We are creating a residential port

acknowledging the huge international need for a marina between the Bahamas and Puerto Rico
and the need for a residential or tourist development in the northern region of the Dominican Republic
where people can come together and enjoy themselves in a social and fun atmosphere next to the blue waters.. everyone, the fishermen, the villa owner with a yacht on his private dock, the family living in their home,
the sailors, the young mariners practicing on their lasers, those cooling off at the yacht club,
the others unwinding at “El Tesoro” (the sailors row bar on the canal), the captains on a break from their
world wide odyssey.

safest port
Looking for a safe port, Columbus kept sailing east along the coast, until he reached the bay of La Isabela where he immediately realized that they had found the safest port in the new world. It was here where the first settlement of the Americas was built with its own city hall, cemetery, and the first church of the new world

Our slogan is: “united cultures of Puerto-Colon”

It will serve unique individuals from all different walks of life, from the captain in search of a service port to dock hiss hip, to the casual yachtsmen who like to spend vacation or weekends on the blue waters, expatriates and retirees who search for a beach front home within this great project.

Puerto Colon

We plan a port and canal with 200 slips that creates the spectacular “Sandy Key Island” with 24 lots of approximately 2500 m2 [ 0.61acre ] each. There is a cliff about 8 m [ 26.1 ft ] {highs out of the canal} with a unique topographic terrace where the rest of Puerto Colon is located. We will have a main square at the center of this plateau which includes restaurants, bakery, Medical Center, spa, amphitheater, administration center and more. There is another piece of land on the east side from the main square with another splendid 100 lots for residents to construct their preferred home. The west side will consist of a luxurious condo complex and an apart hotel for our guests to enjoy a fascinating overview of the port and the ocean. Town houses will be located behind the main square, followed by the tennis courts, club house and the heliport. The whole project is located on 35 hectare [ 86.5 acres ] piece of land, with over 800 m [ 2600 ft ] of gorgeous white sandy beaches. The topography and the geology will allow us to build an inexpensive infrastructure, which gives us a competitive advantage.

Our Great Puerto-Colon has the best Location and the best possible Product

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